Sunway power main products are PV solar system, portable solar system, Solar panels, MPPT solar and wind controller series, PV and wind system controller series,  solar inverter. Our products had many intellectual property, and gained 12 national patents, software copyright certificate, passed the testing from national testing organization and CE Certification Institution. Also we have registered brand successfully. Our company has been rated Hi-tech Enterprise and gained ISO-9001certificate since August, 2011 year.
  • lead acid gel battery
    12V 100AH lead acid gel battery
    1). AGM (Absorbing Glass Mat) technology of which the electrolyte is absorbed. 2). Maintenance-free operation - no addition of water to the electrolyte is required. 3). Sealed Battery with Valve Regulated Construction .Can be mounted in any orientation. 4). Wide range of operating temperatures with temperature compensated chargi1
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