Questions and Answers on Solar power system 31 May 2019

Nowadays, with the vigorous promotion of new energy development, many families are going to install home photovoltaic power generation system to generate electricity. Home power generation is relatively unfamiliar to many people. We summarize some common questions in the process of communication or installation with us, hoping to let you know more about photovoltaic power generation

Q1. How much does it cost to install home photovoltaic power generation?

A1.Now the price of installing a home photovoltaic power generation system varies from thousands to tens of thousands. The most important thing is to see how many watts you install. From our side, the home installation is mainly 5000W and 8000w.

Q2. Can photovoltaic household appliances be used?

A2.This is absolutely no problem. The photovoltaic power generation point is converted to 220V or 380V by the inverter. Unless the special voltage appliances can not be used, the ordinary household appliances can be fully used.

Q3. Do we need distribution batteries for domestic photovoltaic power generation?

A3.Household power generation generally does not need batteries. The power generation directly enters the state grid. At present, if the distribution batteries are used, the cost to users is very high and the area is large, and the batteries need to be replaced in 3-5 years. The power generation directly enters the power grid, and the basic one-time installation can be used for more than 20 years.

Q4. How large is the area needed to install domestic photovoltaic power generation?

A4.Now the flat roof needs about 10 square meters for 1 kW and the inclined roof needs about 7 square meters for installation.

Q5. What equipment is needed for home photovoltaic power generation?

A5.The basic configuration of domestic photovoltaic power generation is: solar photovoltaic panels, photovoltaic support, inverters, shunt boxes, photovoltaic cables and other related installation accessories.

Q6. Can household photovoltaic power generation be installed directly?

A6. If you install off-grid household photovoltaic power generation (with batteries), you can install it directly. If you install distributed household photovoltaic power generation, you must apply to the State Grid first, and the State Grid can only install it after approval.

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