Portable solar power home system

Portable solar system can use from solar panels directly. It support Both DC output and AC output. You can charge phone,use LED light, Small refrigerator,etc.
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products details

Portable solar power home system

 This system includes the system chassis, controller, not including batteries and solar panels, customers need to buy additional batteries and solar panels to use. in addition, we also provide Full system inlcuding panels, battery, and lighting accessories.

   Tip: This case can be equipped with 10W-100W solar panels, 17AH/24AH/40AH/100AH battery or other lithium battery packs.

Product features

1. Solar power generators, without oil, steam, coal and other fuels, directly absorb sunshine power supply, do not need to spend a penny, comprehensively improve the quality of life in power-free areas.

2. The outer shell is welded by 1.0MM cold plate, which is more suitable for field environment because of its beautiful appearance and spraying treatment.

3. Using polycrystalline (single crystal) high-efficiency solar panels, toughened glass aluminum frame laminated, fashionable and beautiful, solid and practical, easy to carry and transport.

4. The function of measuring the electrified quantity of the generator enables you to know the state of power consumption at any time and ensure the power consumption.

5. External 12V/3W LED energy lamp (3W LED energy saving lamp = ordinary bulb 3W brightness, suitable for installation in any place lighting) and can change the LED bulb according to customer requirements.

6, Simple input and output device, no need to install and debug, simple operation, convenient and quick.

7. Built-in maintenance-free battery, 12V/4 or 6 independent output, non-interference with each other, overcharge and overdischarge protection and overload protection, high temperature protection, circuit breaking protection and other functions.

8, USB dedicated buck circuit, fully adapted to the use of lithium batteries, mobile phones and other digital products charging.

9. Solar household portable generators, silent, light and exquisite, shock-proof and dust-proof, green energy, environmental protection and health, is a necessary product in power-free areas.

Specifications of portable solar power home system


DC/ DC&AC solar system

Solar panel power


Battery (optional)

12V 20AH / 12V 40AH /12V 70AH

Solar charge controller (PWM or MPPT)

12V10A/ 15A/ 20A

5V USB DC output


12V DC output

4 OR 6

Data transfer (optional)

RS-485 / GPRS



Inverter (Optional)

100W / 200W / 300W/500W

Package of portable solar power home system

Payment of Portable solar power home system
Payment Term
30% T/T in advance, paid the balance before shipment
30% T/T in advance, paid the balance against copy of B/L
L/C amount above 50,000 usd, we can accept L/C at sight
West Union
Amount lower than 5000usd
West Union
Delivery Time
7~10days after receiving payment for one container

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