Why they can provide very cheap price of solar panel? 2019-06-26

The PV module market is mixed, and a large number of inefficient and inferior components are rampant in the market, which seriously affects the healthy development of the photovoltaic industry and damages the interests of consumers. Due to the different wattage power, quality and price difference of PV modules, it is difficult for ordinary consumers to distinguish the components. Some lawless elements are eyeing this loophole and making profits, which leads to market confusion.

What are the inferior components in the PV market?

Solar cell paper

The solar cell in the assembly has two whole rows of paper!! Replace the silicon with a piece of paper that cannot generate electricity. The cost of this component is low, and the price of the sale is of course much cheaper than the regular high-quality components. Some want to buy "cheap components." "The consumer is very easy to trap.

Downgrade solar panel

In the production process of photovoltaic modules, there will be a certain defect rate. According to the formal process, these component components will be sold to the recycling plant at a very low price. After the recycling plant processes and extracts the available raw materials, it will turn to the manufacturing process again.

Insufficient power solar panel

These components are basically produced by some unknown small manufacturers. On the surface is a 260w component, the actual power is only 240w or even lower. This type of component has no difference in appearance and quality components. In fact, the power generation effect can be different.

The last but not least,

Most of these components are defective components that enter the market, which will affect the power generation efficiency of photovoltaic panels, and even generate hot spots of components, causing fires.

Inferior PV modules are a huge hazard. Combating inferior components is not only the work of the national government. As an ordinary consumer, we must also be vigilant. Do not rush to buy components that are sold in informal channels, so that bad businesses can take advantage of them.

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