What should we pay attention to when installing solar power system? 31 May 2019

solar power system

1. Handling the formalities of grid-connected access

Now, it is not complicated for individuals to go through the formalities of interconnection. They only need to bring their ID cards, original house property cards and copies to the nearest power supply business hall for application. Simply put, for individual applications for distributed photovoltaic power generation, only need to bring ID card, household registration book, real estate certificate or housing property certificate (generally also need photovoltaic construction permit certificate of residential committee or residential property and related owners) to the power business hall for application. Subsequently, the construction enterprises are invited to design and install the access system based on the advice letter issued by the electric power department. Finally, the electric power department arranges staff to check and accept the device, install metering tables, and sign grid-connected agreements with residents. The power supply department does not charge any fees for all the links in the process.

2. Choose the installation address of solar power generation equipment

Generally speaking, the installation of photovoltaic power generation equipment should be carried out in the north-south direction and in the unshielded areas around it as far as possible. For example, it is more convenient to install roof solar power generation equipment for single-roof tiled House residents in rural areas, villas in urban areas and top-floor residents. If it is a residential area, the procedures may be more cumbersome, requiring the signature and consent of the owner of the whole unit or building.

3. Purchase of Solar Power Generation Equipment

When purchasing equipment, it is necessary to calculate the cost of equipment and select the equipment of large manufacturers with brand and certification by state authoritative agencies to ensure that photovoltaic power generation equipment can be used for a long time (guaranteed for 25 years). "The cost of one kilowatt per installation is about 10,000 yuan, and the installed capacity can be chosen by itself. Usually, unless damaged by external forces, photovoltaic components will not be damaged in general. Later maintenance is also very simple. Just clean up the dust on the photovoltaic components and keep them clean.

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